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Telequity Group Services, Inc., based the United States, is a professional technology consulting company with a diverse engineering, technical, and project management services portfolio that is relevant to diverse enterprise solutions and network service provider infrastructure, ranging from design, engineering, source coding, integration, implementation, operation, and maintenance of software applications as well as deployment, provisioning, and testing of physcial network assets. Globally experienced, Telequity’s qualified resources are available to assist any organization, including government agencies, commercial enterprises, technology service providers, and vendors with independent insight involving online facilities or physic assets located anywhere in the world.  

Since establishing itself in 2004, Telequity has developed relationships and provided services to more than 100 different companies, including many enterprise clients, Internet service providers, data network service providers, telecommunications firms, and technology vendors. While building on these relationships and creating a tradition of excellence, we have assembled a highly technical team with extensive networking and information technology expertise.

We understand our customers and have aligned our core services offerings to meet their needs. Our engineers and technicians are trained to the highest standards, each with more than 10 years of field experience, and are deployable to any physical location in order to satisfy the customer’s needs. The owners of Telequity have no allegiance, bias, or conflict of interest toward any particular manufacturer or service provider. This independence allows us to provide maximum focus on successful technical solutions for our clients.
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