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Geospatial Services Terminal & Transmission Terrestrial & Undersea

The core focus of the Telequity Group (TG) is to create viable, strategic solutions that either add value or reduce costs for our clients. Our service offerings are built around this focus. In general, we provide the following:

Project Phase
Services Offered
  Planning & Development   Geospatial
  Network Performance & Reliability Assessment   Geospatial
  Vendor Selection & Contracting   Geospatial, ISP, OSP, Eq. Space
  Feasibility & Field Surveys   Geospatial, ISP, OSP
  Field Supervision & Implementation   Geospatial, ISP, OSP
  Technical Assistance   Geospatial, ISP, OSP
  Asset Valuation   Geospatial, ISP, OSP

We offer very flexible fee structures for our services, including daily, monthly, task-based, and/or success-based rates. Based upon our client's needs, we can also create a customized payment plan.

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