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Geo-Asset Managmt Sys Pre-Fab Equip Space

Build Faster. Build Smarter.

With modern modular construction techniques, Telequity Group can help clients cut overall project schedules by up to 50% without sacrificing on quality, design, or increased costs. We offer turn-key procurement, transport, and placement solutions for pre-fabricated telecommunications-grade buildings for practically any application, including larger data centers, switching centers, cable stations, or even smaller cellular sites, regeneration huts, etc. Each unit comes complete with pre-installed back-up generators, ATS, redundant HVAC, fire suppression, alarm systems, and everything else required by the customer, providing a true turn-key solution for telecom network improvement, expansion, or deployment. A simplified illustration of a smaller low-cost, rapid deployment unit is provided below:

Each telecom building project can be customized to meet the customer's needs. From single-module, single-story units to multi-module, multi-story buildings, Telequity is prepared to manage your entire project on a turn-key basis from beginning to end.

For more information, please download our Pre-Fabricated Equipment Space brochure (PDF* document).

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